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Data Quality Campaign EdData Privacy Update: 7/2/2015

Rachel Anderson does a great job of breaking it down...

So far in 2015, 46 states have considered 182 bills addressing student data privacy. And 12 states have so far passed 24 new laws.

  • States continue to think a lot about the data that is collected from students based on their use of an online website or application. Arkansas, Georgia, Maryland, New Hampshire, and Oregon have now passed a law based on California’s SOPIPA language from 2014 to prohibit online service providers from using student data for commercial or secondary purposes while allowing data use for program improvement. Maine, Nevada, Virginia, and Washington have passed new laws based on a similar model that Microsoft put together with the principles from industry’s Student Privacy Pledge.
  • In 2014, nine states passed laws that gave school districts new or expanded responsibilities around student data privacy and security. This year, many states are thinking about the supports and guidance districts will need from the state in order to fulfill their new roles.
    • North Dakota now requires data sharing approval by the school board and implements data governance, transparency, and supports including data use training.
    • Virginia has a new law to direct the state to develop a model data security plan for districts and to designate a chief data security officer to assist local school divisions with the development or implementation of data use and security policies.
    • Nevada passed a law that instructs the state to develop a security policy for districts to follow.
  • A critical part of states’ work to safeguard student data is to provide transparency and build trust with educators and the public that education data are being used to support students and improve education in the state.

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