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EdProtect by Education Framework [VIDEO]

At Education Framework, we specialize in developing student data privacy and paperless consent services for U.S. K-12 schools and districts. 

Because we believe that every student has a right to privacy while using online learning technologies in school.

We believe that school and district leaders need a safe and secure method to manage the privacy and parental consent process. And that parents have a right to know what technologies their children are using in the classroom.

Everything we do is with the intent of improving systems, simplifying processes, minimizing waste and most importantly, protecting students.

Because we believe in a simpler way.

At Education Framework, we develop 21st Century consent & student data privacy solutions that provide safety, security and peace-of-mind for parents, students, schools and districts alike. 

Our solutions provide knowledge and understanding to help educators make informed decisions about technology usage in the classroom.

EdProtect, an all-in-one student data privacy & paperless consent manager simplifies and streamlines the process from end-to-end, providing comprehensive safety and protection for schools and districts across the nation. It also helps you to better understand the health and safety of your student privacy initiatives.

EdProtect enables you to quickly and easily determine the safety of apps and websites used in your district. It allows you to track and monitor technology usage in the classroom, set parameters, establish privacy guidelines for your staff to follow, and communicate information in a clear and concise manner. 

EdProtect also helps you to track, organize and store responses in a systematic way. And it allows for easy recovery of information when requested. 

It eliminates wasteful paper permissions of the past, and it ensures schools are compliant with Federal regulations of the present, like COPPA & FERPA.

EdProtect rates, reviews, and assesses the safety and privacy of each and every app & website used in your school or district. And it continuously monitors privacy policies so you know immediately if and when a change occurs. 

EdProtect opens lines of communication between parents, teachers and administrators, and it provides transparency and accountability for schools looking to establish greater controls. 

EdProtect is really designed to do it all... for you!

It’s a student privacy manager and a communication tool, in one.

It engages parents. It empowers teachers. And it acts as a governance tool for administrators and IT leaders looking to establish guidelines that align with school & district privacy initiatives.

It’s an easy-to-use, ultra-secure and cost-effective solution that helps educators make informed decisions about technology usage in the classroom.

Through the use of privacy analytics, EdProtect offers a window into the health and vitality of your school or district's student privacy efforts.

It produces actionable data to make continuous improvements. 

It brings parents into the privacy conversation. It clearly communicates what apps and websites are being used by their children in the classroom. And it allows you to obtain consent when necessary.

EdProtect provides a level of control and understanding unparalleled to any other service of its kind on the market. 

One feature that makes it so great is the Privacy Quality Scoring System.

This 5-point rating system helps teachers and administrators know at-a-glance the safety and privacy of the apps and websites use in school. 

The scoring system provides a quick glance number rating, but it also provides a detailed description, so you know  EXACTLY why it scored the way it did.

All scoring is done internally by Education Framework staff, so you don’t have to think about reading the privacy policies for each and every app and website used in your school or district. 

EdProtect gives educators the knowledge they need to make informed decisions.

By utilizing this approach, schools and districts eliminate the risk of inadvertently adopting unsafe technologies in the classroom...and putting schools, districts and students in jeopardy. It also minimizes the bottleneck that often occurs when waiting for technology approvals.

EdProtect manages the process for you from start to finish. 

It is a streamlined and sustainable solution that saves time and money, not to mention countless headaches.

It provides safety, security and peace-of-mind when utilizing online technologies in schools, and helps educators, administrators and parents gain a better understanding of technology usage by students in schools. 

Please visit our website where you can learn more about our services. Read our blog (which you are, so thank you!). And sign up for a free live demo to see if EdProtect is right for you.